Decades in Relationship Building

You Could Call Us a Matchmaking Service

We represent both sides of the hiring desk, and it all comes together at the intersection of opportunity. That’s the actual matchmaking service we provide. Which brings us to a third thing you need to know about Arrowmac: We’re really good at making a match fast. And it’s not because we’re good guessers. We do our homework, compare notes with teammates, and know the wants and desires of both the client and the candidate.

All our staff really is from the marketing and advertising worlds, and we really have decades of relationship building in the OC business community. And these things really do matter. Because when you know the company culture, their type of business, the interactions expected of the candidate, and the hiring manager, you know the best candidate to send.

This is where the Arrowmac team is hard to beat. It’s the puzzle we love working on, even in our spare time. This is when we truly are an extension of the client’s business. Even if we didn't have the perfect candidate, we would always have a best candidate. For us to be successful, our placements need to be a solid fit and feel comfortable, and our clients need to feel confident in and satisfied with the candidate. And ensuring that is the art of matchmaking.

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